The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

62253754_877637707Massage has lots of benefits to the body.  By relaxing the muscles in  such a way it allows them to renew and repair.

Muscles are made up of fibres that slide over each other to contract and pull on the bone the muscle is attached to.  This creates movement. Muscles can contract to 50% of their normal length and stretch to 150% of their normal length.

Through over use and stress, the muscles can stay in a contracted state, causing imbalance in the body. Tight muscles will pull posture out of alignment and can constrict blood flow.

Massage releases: tightness, tension and toxins and by having them you can… 

-Increase flexibility by stretching and relaxing the muscle and encouraging it to return back to its normal relaxed length.

-Remove waste products. When muscles work, they burn oxygen and glucose and produce lactic acid. This can build up in the muscles and add to muscle soreness.

Massage can also improve posture and the immune system as it stimulates the production of antibodies which give us immunity.

Most importantly, massage allows us to un-wind, switch off from our busy lives and be at peace for a while.  This stilling of the body and calming of the mind allows us to get in touch with our spiritual side.