Hair Removal Using Wax

Hot Wax Treatments, Altrincham At Revive Skin & Hair Salon

At Revive hair & beauty salons in Altrincham, we offer expert hair removal for men and women using hot waxing and strip waxing methods. Waxing is a temporary hair removal treatment that removes large sections of hair directly from the root. This guarantees a smooth and clean finish every time.

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hot wax treatments at revive beauty salon altrincham

Why Is Revive The Best Beauty Salon In Altrincham For Waxing? 

We are able to safely and efficiently remove hairs from the face, arm, leg, bikini line, back and abdomen. You may also require waxing in more intimate areas, so please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements with one of our hair removal experts.

All our clients are treated in confidence so please do not feel self-conscious or embarrassed when asking for intimate waxing treatments or facial waxing as these services are very common indeed. To ensure we get the best results, we recommend you let your hair grow for around three weeks. After waxing you will see some regrowth within about three weeks and should return for repeat waxing treatments between four to six weeks.

Hot Wax Treatments, Altrincham

Hot wax is very effective because it is just that – hot. The hot wax is spread evenly onto the skin and allowed to dry before it is gently peeled away. The heat encourages your pores and hair follicles to open up making it easier to remove the hair directly from the roots. The benefits include fewer ingrown hairs, less breakage giving you longer re-growth periods.

Because the hot wax is able to cling to the hair, as it dries on the skin it is super effective at stripping out the hair without irritation to your skin. This type of waxing also promotes skin hydration and is highly recommended for sensitive areas. This type of waxing is suitable for underarms and your bikini area.

Warm Wax Treatments 

Warm wax is recommended to thicker, less sensitive areas such as legs, arms, back chest and shoulders. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin and is then removed using a paper strip. Warm waxing is used for larger areas, is quick and easy to remove and is suitable for all hair types.

waxing treatments treatments at revive beauty salon near hale and altrincham

Waxing, when it is done professionally, is noticeably easier on your skin and makes it much smoother than other methods and it takes weeks for the first set of new hairs show again. And regular waxing, over time, actually makes the hair regrowth finer and sparser.

Hollywood Wax Cheshire Beauty Salon

We offer specialized waxing, from Brazilian or Bikini and Hollywood Wax at Revive beauty salon, Cheshire. Brazilian waxing means using hot wax to professionally remove the hair from your intimate areas. All hair is removed from your intimate areas leaving a narrow strip of hair. The Hollywood wax ensures that ALL hair is removed.

How To Prepare For Your Waxing Treatment & Aftercare

On the day of your waxing treatment avoid using any body oils. After you have had your waxing treatment, it is important to keep the waxed area moisturised, so use a good unscented moisturiser to keep the area hydrated.

Waxing is a fabulous beauty treatment with lots of benefits, giving long-lasting results. It is the ideal solution for keeping unwanted hair at bay giving a clean smooth finish every treatment. Our clients often tell us we are the number one beauty salon in Cheshire for hair removal treatments as we are professional and always deliver a 5-star salon experience.

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