Solve Hair Breakage During Colouring With OLAPLEX™

olaplex hair treatments at revive hair salon in hale

OLAPLEXâ„¢ Hair Treatments at Revive Hair & Beauty Salon in Hale, Cheshire

“Hair Colouring May Never Be The Same Again”

olaplex treatments revive hair salon in haleRevive Hair & Beauty are delighted to introduce you to the revolutionary OLAPLEXâ„¢ treatment range which can be used with your usual hair colouring service to give strength, shine and vibrant colour to even the most over-processed hair.

We are one of the very select few hair salons in Hale offering OLAPLEXâ„¢.

The hottest hair product is endorsed by celebrities worldwide, including Kim Kardashian-West, Rita Ora and Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few. This intensive hair conditioning treatment is so much better than other treatments due to the fact that it nourishes hair from the inside out!

It targets the structure of each strand of hair, rather than just coating the hair like many other treatments do.

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So, How Does OLAPLEXâ„¢ Work?

OLAPLEXâ„¢ can dramatically eliminate hair breakage. We can colour hair that is dry and damaged and give you hair that is a vibrant colour and in beautiful condition. It reconnects bonds in our hair that have been broken by the hair colouring process.

Olaplex hair treatments at revive hair salon in hale

Hair that is damaged and over-processed can be massively improved in just one use with OLAPLEXâ„¢, compared to five or six deep conditioning treatments that it would usually take to help restore hair.

This fantastic new service is only available in the most prestigious hair salons in the U.K. so we are absolutely delighted to be offering this brand at our Hale hair salon.

OLAPLEXâ„¢ Available at Top Hale Hairdressers

The results are truly fantastic. Hair that was once dry and brittle from being over-processed is restored it to beautiful condition with OLAPLEXâ„¢. Best of all, we are then able to apply new colour on top – without any damage!!!

olaplex hair treatments at revive hair salon in hale

It is already a huge hit in America, where it has been tested on industry experts and hairdressing’s top colourists. Their celebrity clients have since sent the message across the world that with OLAPLEX™ you can get great colour, strength and shine.

Book Your OLAPLEXâ„¢ Appointment at Revive Hair & Beauty Salon in Hale

OLAPLEXâ„¢ costs depend on the number of applications needed and are on top of the price for your usual hair colouring service at Revive Hair & Beauty Hale. We would recommend you book a free consultation prior to booking your appointment so we can assess you hair. 

*OLAPLEXâ„¢ is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens