Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Remove unwanted hair with laser hair removal at Revive Skin Clinic in Altrincham

Laser Hair Removal With The Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser at Revive Beauty Salon

It’s time to ditch your razors and home waxing kits and get long-lasting silky smooth skin with ND Yag Laser Hair Removal at Revive Skin Clinic in Altrincham. Laser hair removal is now the most effective way of reducing hair growth. Our laser machine which has a yag and alex is effective for all types of skin.

We have been doing laser hair removal over 20 years and only invest in the best and most effective lasers. Our laser technicians are highly skilled to offer the best service possible. We offer a full personal service, which begins with a free consultation and patch test.

We also offer: Affordable prices, most advanced technology, no more ingrowing hairs, no shaving, no hair removal cream, waxing or sugaring.

At Revive laser clinic, Altrincham we use the very latest in laser technology from industry experts to reach deeper layers of the skin tissue which causes disruption to future hair growth. ND Yag Laser Hair Removal is hailed as a game-changer for its ability to offer virtually pain-free hair removal treatments on ALL skin types. It is especially effective on darker skin tones.

Ingrown hairs are almost eliminated as it works to effectively kill the supply of blood to the hair follicle, meaning the hair will simply not grow.

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Please note: a patch test and consultation will be required 72 hours prior to treatment.

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Why Choose Revive?

  • We have an established and highly trained team.
  • We use trusted medical grade lasers only.
  • We are able to treat all skin types.
  • We offer 0% finance (subject to terms & conditions)

Consultation & Patch Test

For patient safety, a full consultation & patch test are required 72 hours prior to treatment.

Your trained laser technician wil discuss medical history & devise a personalised care plan.

What to Expect

  • Treatments vary between 15 & 120 minutes.
  • Treatments are virtually painless.
  • Optimal results can be achieved in 6-8 treatments.

Effective Laser Hair Removal

You can now permanently reduce unwanted hair.  Providing a safe and highly effective method of hair removal. Nd:YAG and Alex are used for hair removal.  It provides a safe and highly effective method of hair removal on all skin types, from light to dark using Nd:YAG laser or Alex to penetrate the skin more deeply than other lasers, avoiding damaging the epidermis and targeting the hair follicle directly. 

How Does Laser hair removal work?

The secret lies in the technology. Cynosure’s laser hair removal treatments target and destroy the hair cells responsible for hair growth without damaging the surrounding skin. Nd:YAG and Alex laser hair removal differs from other types of laser & IPL hair removal as it can get deeper into the skin meaning that any regrowth of hair is dramatically reduced. This means longer term results.

Why Do I Need Multiple Sessions of Laser Hair Removal?

When hair grows it does so at varying rates. It has three different stages it goes through which normally takes around 6 weeks.  This is why we recommend laser hair removal be completed over a number of sessions and months.

Anagen is the first stage and is the period of growth. Catagen is the second stage, lasting between 2-3 weeks on average. In this transitional phase, hair stops growing and detaches itself from the blood supply.  Telogen is the third stage and is where new hair begins to grow.

How Does The Hair Follicle Die Using Laser?

The laser works by penetrating the skin and heating up the hair follicle. The heat will kill any active hair follicles meaning you will not get regrowth.

For optimum results, the highly skilled laser therapists at our Altincham laser clinic suggest having treatments between 4 & 6 weeks apart. The amount of treatments you will need can vary from person to person. Allow between 6 & 12 laser hair removal sessions to see the best results. Treatments can take from just 5-120 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area.

​Why Do I Need a Patch Test Prior To my Laser Treatment at Revive Skin & Hair Salon?

For patient safety, a full consultation & patch test are required 72 hours prior to treatment. Your trained laser technician will discuss your medical history & devise a personalised care plan. A patch test allows your laser hair removal expert to ascertain the temperature your skin type needs for the treatment to be effective.

Which Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

Nearly all of the body can be treated with laser.  Treatment areas include face, underarms, arms, legs, back, bikini, chest, and more! 

Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Hurt?

Treatments are virtually painless and will vary from patient to patient. Patients describe a range of sensations during treatment from tingling to the snapping of a rubber band.

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Please note: a patch test and consultation will be required 72 hours prior to treatment.