Winter Skin

42450562_236617679We know our skin gets damaged in the summer by exposure to excessive sun but what problems does winter skin have?

UVA rays.  Yes, the damaging sun rays that contribute to skin ageing are still present – regardless of the the time of day or the season, UVA rays are present and can also penetrate cloud cover.  So you should wear an SPF on your face in winter. In the winter skin is subjected to changes of temperature between indoors and outdoors.  The skin suffers from both the cold weather outside and then the change to a warm dry atmosphere inside.

How can you protect your skin?

– Exfoliate: use gentle exfoliation to slough of dead skin cells exposing new cells underneath.  This can be done with a microdermabrasion treatment or a skin peel.  Then you have a good base to work and apply products.

– Protect: use a regular moisturiser with a SPF factor to protect the skin.  Ask one of our therapist to recommend a product that suits your skin type.

– Hydrate: drink plenty of plain water to keep your skin hydrated.

We can also help your skin with our range of anti-ageing treatments from micro-lift to anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.