Treat Yourself To A DIY Pampering Session!

Easy Ways To Enjoy a Spa Day At Home – Top Tips From Revive Skin Hair Salons in Altrincham

Easy Ways To Enjoy a Spa Day At Home

Although a relaxing beauty treatment may not be high up on your agenda at the minute, now is a precious window of time for us to rest and spend a little bit of time pampering ourselves.  You can create a customised treatment in the comfort of your own home during lockdown or self-isolation.

Don’t know where to start? No worries! Our team of experts may not currently be able to carry out the range of quality massage treatments & facials you are used to, however, they are available to bring you some top tips to help you practice self-care and enjoy a some “me time”.

Check out these home spa ideas below to give you inspiration…

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#1 – Turn Up The Heat

A hot shower can help you to unwind and aid a restful nights sleep. Try running the shower on hot and add a few drops of essential oils to a basin full of hot water to create your own steam room at home.

Steam is a great way to help reduce stress levels, it also works to clear and improve impurities from the skin & can ease the symptoms of a cold.

#2 Deep Cleanse Your Skin

Facials are a great way to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. If you suffer from spots then try a gentle exfoliation scrub using the contents of your fridge. Check out social media for lots of ideas for creating face masks at home.

#3 Treat Your Hair To a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Your spa day wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing hair & scalp ritual. Rummage through your bathroom cabinet for products such as conditioners, masques and treatments to keep your locks silky soft & healthy. We all know how much a simple head massage can help you to unwind, so try a few gentle strokes to loosen your scalp and relieve tension.

#4 Soothe Your Senses

Cool tea bags in the fridge overnight for a simple eye mask and then enjoy lying down in a darkened room with some soothing music. Chamomile tea bags are especially good & can work to reduce redness and puffy eyes. 

#5 Catch Some Rays

Sunshine has many health benefits including stress reduction, increasing your levels of vitamin D and increased serotonin production (the body’s natural mood booster!) so try and get outside if you can to soak up the sun. 

Make sure that you are sun safe with an SPF 50 sunscreen and do not stay outside too long to avoid burning, which can be dangerous.