How To Get Perfect Nail Colour


Achieve Amazing, Long Lasting Nail Colour Results at Revive Hair and Beauty Salons in Hale and Altrincham.

nail treatments revive beauty salon haleFor amazing, long lasting nail colour results, treat yourself to the fantastic CND Shellac nail polish at Revive Hair and Beauty Salons in Hale and Altrincham.

CND Shellac Nail Polish is often mistaking for a gel polish. This power polish however, is actually a cross between a polish and a gel. So if you want long lasting nail colour, read on!

What makes CND Shellac Nail Polish Different?

• It offers you up to 2 weeks chip free nails
• It is non-smudge
• Zero drying time
• Give a high gloss finish to your nails
• No damage to natural nails

How Do I Get Perfect Long Lasting Nail Results?

Below we take a look at some top tips on how our specialist nail technicians at our Hale and Altrincham hair and beauty salons think you can best care and protect your nails.

Wear Gloves: If you want you want your nail colour to last try wearing gloves when carrying out household tasks. Acetone is a common ingredient in nail polish removers and is often found in cleaning products. A great excuse to get your other half to help with the chores!
Stop Biting Your Nails: An obvious one to ruin your nail varnish-try applying a no-bite polish to help you break the habit.
Applying Hair Products: Try to avoid putting your polished nails in your hair after you have styled with sprays and mousses. They can wear away your varnish.
Showering, Bathing & Swimming: If you have had your nails done for a special occasion, it is recommended you avoid excessive water contact. Water can soften the nail varnish and cause it to peel and chip.

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