How To Achieve The Perfect Blonde Hair Colour

All You Need to Know About Going Blonde – Advice from Revive Hairdressing, Hale

blonde hair colour at revive hair and beauty salon in haleThe hair colour specialists at Revive hair salon in Hale have the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver beautiful blonde hair colours that are perfectly suited to you. They have years of experience and understand the science and complexities of hair colour.

During an in-depth consultation they will discuss with you the most suitable blonde hair colours for your skin tone and complexion and recommend the best hair colouring technique for you that does not compromise the integrity of your hair.

In the meantime, check out this article which answers lots of your questions about what it takes to get a stunning blonde hair colour.   

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Will Blonde Hair Suit Me?

blonde hair colour at revive hair and beauty salon in haleThere are lots of blonde hair colours to choose from but not all will suit your skin tone and enhance your look.

Here is a quick guide from the hairs colouring experts in Hale:

  • Paler Skin Tones – Choose gold tones, strawberry or lighter blonde shades. 
  • Medium Skin Tones – Choose warm honey blonde, buttery blondes or beige blonde shades.
  • Dark Skin Tones – Warmer, darker blondes work best such as caramels and toffee blondes. 

What Are The Most Popular Blonde Hair Colours?

blonde hair colour at revive hair and beauty salon in haleThe natural, grown-out root is a popular hair colour and looks amazing teamed with brighter, lighter highlights around the face.

Other popular hair colouring techniques include highlights, balayage, blonde ombre, cool platinum blondes, silver grey tones and caramel tones. 

What Blonde Hair Techniques Do You Offer?

blonde hair colour at revive hair and beauty salon in haleAt Revive hairdressing in Hale we offer a wide range of hair colouring techniques including highlights, balayage, toners and glossing treatments with permanent & semi-permanent hair colour remaining popular.

Chat to your skilled hair colourist at our hair salon in Hale who will advise you on the latest hair colouring trends plus classic techniques such as:

  • Foil highlights/ Babylights/ Microlights/ T-Section Highlights
  • Full Head Hair Colour
  • Glossing to Enhance Colour & Shine
  • Ombre, Balayage & Root Stretching
  • Colour Melting
  • Multi-Tonal highlights

Can Brunettes Change their Hair Colour to Blonde?

blonde hair colour at revive hair and beauty salon in haleBrunettes can change their hair colour to blonde but you must be aware of the time it may take to achieve the exact look you desire. Book in for a hair colour consultation so we can explain the process, time, and colour that can be achieved. 

Will Going Blonde Ruin The Condition Of My Hair? 

Advances in hair care products mean we can protect and even strengthen your hair during the hair colouring process. At Revive Hair Salon, Hale we offer a great hair protection services in-salon – Olaplex.

So, how does OLAPLEX™ work? OLAPLEX™ can dramatically eliminate hair breakage. We can colour hair that is dry and damaged and give you hair that is a vibrant colour and in beautiful condition. It reconnects bonds in our hair that have been broken by the hair colouring process.

OLAPLEX hair repair can be added to your hair colour or used as a stand-alone treatment to repair and strengthen hair.  We offer the first two steps in the salon, while the third step – OLAPLEX No. 3 Protector – is available for weekly use at home.

What Are The Benefits/Disadvantages of Having Blonde Hair? 

blonde hair colour at revive hair and beauty salon in haleBlonde hair colour has the ability to turn heads. Sported by many a celeb blonde hair colours are fun and can be changed by adding warm shades to add depth and tone, or cool, lighter tones to achieve a brighter colour.

Adding pastel tones such as silver-grey or candy floss pink are also top trends for blondes.

If you transform your hair with an all-over permanent colour, you will need to pop into the salon to have your root regrowth touched up every six to eight weeks or so.  Highlights are much less obvious and you can have a T-section or half head highlights cover-up every eight weeks or so. 

How Do I Stop My Blonde Hair Looking Washed Out?

We offer the best in-salon treatments to help you maintain a vibrant, bright blonde colour including Redken colour extend blonde depositing purple conditioner. At Revive Hair Salon in Cheshire we offer a range of hair care, styling and beauty products, speak to your stylist during your next visit for advice on the right products for you.

Why Should I Use A Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoos help to brighten dull, or brassy blonde hair colours. Clarifying purple shampoo helps to prolong the life of your colour and is a must if you want to stop your blonde shade from looking washed out or yellow.

Purple shampoo is also a great way to brighten grey and white hair colours and will add a brilliant shine to your locks.

How Do I Remove Brassy Tones From My Blonde Hair?

blonde hair colour at revive hair and beauty salon in haleIf you find your hair colour has unwanted yellow, orange or brassy tones then a toner may be what you need to fix your hair colour problem. A toner is a great tool for neutralising unwanted tones while also adding shine and a glossy finish to your hair.

Do You Offer Colour Correction Services?

Book in to our Hale hairdressing salon as soon as possible for a consultation so we can assess your hair and work on a plan to get it looking its very best once again. Don’t worry if you have experienced a hair colour disaster, the skilled hair colour experts in Hale at Revive have seen them all!

No matter if you have experienced an incorrect hair colour application at another salon, attempted to create your own hair colour using a box dye at home or had a bleaching disaster – we will help you achieve your desired hair colour.

How Do I Book in For My New Blonde Hair Colour at Revive Hairdressing, Hale?

To book your hair colour appointment at Revive hairdressers in Hale call 0161 980 8555. Check out our salon reviews to see why our clients say we are their favourite hair salon in Hale, Cheshire. Our clients also love the hairdressing deals we offer in Hale including last minute salon appointments in Cheshire.