Alternative Updo’s

Alternative UpdosWhen choosing your hairstyle for a wedding or party ,the updo is the answer. Having all your hair swept up is elegant and says ‘formal’, but after a while it’s boring and everyone starts looking the same. Well here are some alternatives to the traditional updo…


They’re the latest craze. From simple side plaits to rocky, teased fishtails. This style is perfect for whatever level of hair expertise you have. After a few practices you can pull off the most complicated style.


A smooth sophisticated finish with poker straight hair or a teased voluminous head with curls falling down the back, makes the ponytail perfect for all hair types. If you have long hair it’s especially beautiful.

Half up – Half down

Create gorgeous flowing locks with the front hair pieces pulled back to create a beautiful princess look. You can also sweep your curls to the side for a red carpet finish.