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At Revive Hair & Beauty Salons in Cheshire we offer a range of hair care, styling and beauty products, speak to your stylist during your next visit for advice on the right products for you.

Redken Products

Buy your Redken hair care and styling products at Revive Hair & Beauty Salon, we offer a range for men and women. From shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments by Redken, the leading professional salon haircare brand.

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Wella Hair Care

The Wella Professional Hair Care collection ranges from shampoos, conditioners , hair treatments, hair oils and hair styling products to delight your senses.

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Bedhead Product Range

Control, de-frizz and add lived-in texture for the ultimate Bed Head look with Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm. From wash and care to foxy curls mousse for curl enhancing, we have a range of Bedhead products for you to choose from.

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