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Laser Hair Removal at Revive Hair & Beauty Salon in Hale

Laser Hair Removal uses light to eliminate hair more effectively and for a long period of time, and this treatment is available at Revive Hair & Beauty Salon in Hale.

We are proud to use Soprano Technology – the industries gold standard for hair removal. The Soprano’s IN-MOTION Technology allows the device to move around, allowing the hair follicles to heat gradually giving you a painless experience.

Suitable for even sensitive areas, the new technology used in Soprano XL lasers means the treatment is quicker, and more comfortable than its rival machines. Soprano works in a sweeping motion, alleviating missed patches. This is virtually pain free has a special system that cools in contact, and is suitable for most skin types including Asian and darker.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

laser hair removal in haleSoprano works by heating the hair follicles with laser energy pulses. Nearly all of the body can be treated with laser including delicate areas like the upper lip.

With any permanent hair reduction programme you will see results in 4 to 6 weeks, this would vary on skin and hair colour. As a rule of thumb we advise between 6-8 treatments however this differs from person to person due a number of factors.

What Do Treatments Involve?

We ask that all patients shave the area of treatment prior to their appointment. We will then apply a cool gel. The laser will then be positioned gently against the skin and subsequently pulses of intense light are delivered into the hairs and thus destroying the follicles.

How Much Are The Treatments?

We suggest that you should book a course of treatments – discounted if booked as a course. We do offer single one off payments if you would prefer to try and we also have maintenance prices which are discounted. We can discuss this in more detail as we can assess these varying factors more accurately – there is however £45.00 refunded against future laser treatments carried out within 8 weeks.

Book in for your hair removal treatment at Revive Hair & Beauty in Hale today by calling 0161 980 8555.