Top 3 Industry Trends

These trends from the industry seem to reflect our desire to remain looking youthful as naturally as possible.

(1) Micro-Needling and Diamond Microdermabrasion

These are techniques which harness the body’s own powers of rejuvenation and are performed by therapists.  For microneedling treatments a small roller contianing hundreds of tiny needles (1mm-3mm) is used to prick the skin.  This causes powerful growth factors and stem cells to flood the area, resulting in the creation of collagen and elastin, which both plump the skin and dramatically reduce lines and pigmentation marks.

(2) HD Makeup

With more and more TV shows and films being shot in High Definition (HD), exposing every flaw in the skin, there has been a move away from conventional makeup.  This contains fillers such as talc, which can look powdery on screen.  It seems that mineral makeup is the solution!  Foundations made purely from minerals are favoured for being practically undetectable while masking any redness or blemishes because of the way the mineral particles interact with light.  It is also believed that mineral makeup has other benefits as it allows skin to breathe.

(3) Natural-Looking Results

Following on from the natural flawless finish of mineral makeup comes a new concern from clients becoming increasingly hesitant about using injectable toxins which can leave the face looking paralysed.  New techniques, such as stick on pads to wear at night and facial exercises are becoming popular because the reduce the appearance of lines without creating a “frozen” look.  Bye-bye Botox!