The Latest Spring & Summer Hair Colours!

Hair Colour Trends for Summer 2017 at Revive Hair & Beauty Salons in Hale & Altrincham

hair colours for summer at Revive hair & beauty salons in Hale & Altrincham

At Revive Hair & Beauty Salons in Hale & Altrincham, we use only the best professional hair colouring products from Wella to give you a top hair colouring service in the Hale and Altrincham area. And with summer just around the corner, what better way is there to start the season than with the latest hair colouring trend?

Choose from the must have hair colours for spring and summer 2017 including bold red hair colours, copper balayage and lighter, brighter ombre hair colours as well as pastel hair colours. Why not take advantage of our Late Deals and offers – where we offer big discounts on a range of hair and beauty services in the Hale & Altrincham area.

Red Hair Colours at Revive Hair Salons in Altrincham & Hale

At our Revive Hair Salons in Hale & Altrincham we keep up to date with the latest hair trends and are loving the new Ronze Hair Trend. It has been designed to give incredible shiny hair colouring results whilst still be a hair colour that looks natural. So revamp your old red or copper hair colour and try the latest hair colouring technique at Revive Hair & Beauty Salons in Hale & Altrincham.

Are you looking for the best red hair colours for spring and summer 2107? At Revive Hair & Beauty Salons in Hale & Altrincham  we will deliver you the best orange, coppers, burgundy and plum shades of hair colour and give you a bold new red hair colour for spring and summer 2017.

Balayage & Ombre Hair at Revive Hair Salons in Hale & Altrincham

Have you heard about the new Copper Balayage hair colouring trend available at our Hale & Altrincham Hair Salons? If you are looking for a hair colour that adds incredible shine to your hair but are afraid to try an all over copper or red hair colour, then this biggest hair trend for spring and summer 2017  is for you.

There are hot new ombre hair colours for spring & summer 2017 including the latest grey to shimmering silver ombre, grey roots to plums and bergundy ombre and even grey to blue ombre. Still prefer the more natural looking ombre hair colours? Opt for the new Smokey Ombre and get a fresh new hair colour for spring and summer 2017 at Revive Hair & Beauty Salon in Hale & Altrincham.

Pastel Hair Colours at Top Hair Salons in Hale & Altrincham

Think apple & cherry blossom colours and you are half way to having one of the hottest hair colouring trends for spring & summer 2017. Pastel Hair Colours are inspired by the dusty colours of summer and the brighter lighter days. At Revive hair salons in Hale & Altrincham we pride ourselves on the ability to create stunning bespoke hair colours and predict that Peach Hair Colour is going to be a big hair trend for the spring & summer as it suits all skin tones and brightens up any hairstyle.

Blonde & Brunette Hair Colour Combinations at Revive Hair Salons

What do you get if you mix blonde hair colour together with brunnette? Bronde of course! The latest hair colouring trend for spring & summer 2017 that gives stunning natural looking hair colour. Bronde hair colour is an effective yet low maintenance hair colour that gives stunning glossy hair results. 

Suiting all skin tones the hair colour experts at Revive Hair Salon in Hale & Altrincham recommend this hair colouring trend to anyone who is nervous about changing their hair colour or is new to colouring their hair.

There lots of different hair colours, hair trends and hair colouring techniques to try at our hair salons in Hale & Altrincham – find out more about the hair colouring services that we provide, including darker brunnettes to  very light blonde balayage or an ombre hair colour with ashy blonde ends.

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