Festival Hair Ideas

Festival Hair Ideas from Revive Hair & Beauty, Hale

With the music festival season nearly upon us now is a great time to get your hair in tip-top condition so it’s ready for some fun-filled days of music and dancing, who wants to be worrying about their locks when its festival time! If you are wondering which festival hairstyle to rock, let Revive Hair & Beauty Salon in Hale guide you through the creative and often whimsical journey of the festival hairstyle!

Summer Festival Hair Accessories

Festival-Hair-5After two days of dancing your hair may be looking a little flat, and perhaps a little greasy, so dress up your tresses with an on trend hair accessory. Liven up your hair no matter what it looks like with a ringlet of flowers, slides or bows. Don’t forget to take a can of dry shampoo, which can give you added volume and a new lease of life by freshening up your locks. A top tip for festival hair is to invest in a head scarf, it’s the perfect cover up, come rain or shine.

Messy Braids & Plaits for Music Festivals

Festival-Hair-3Braids and plaits are always one of the hottest looks for summer festivals. Braids can be worn in countless different ways, on short, mid length or long hairstyles, from micro braids to a full-on fishtail or side braid. Make your plait a little messy and be a showstopper at festivals this summer. If you get rained on and your plait gets wet, it doesn’t matter… just let your hair dry out in the sun, undo the plaits and shake out vigorously for great hair!

Top Knots & Casual Upstyles

20Whatever the weather you are guaranteed to look great with a casual upstyle or topknot. There’s just something about a messy top knot that says, I just threw this messy bun up in a second and I’m effortlessly chic! Whip your hair up into a top knot or casual bun and let the tendrils fall free around your face. Add some pretty hair accessories for that festival vibe.

Colour Your Hair for Festival Fun

Purple Part Hair ColourStand out in the crowd with pink, blue or a stunning purple hair colour, pastel hair colours are also bang on trend for the festival season. If you’re not feeling quite so bold invest in some hair chalk and go wild!

Our expert hair colour technicians at Revive Hair Salon in Hale offer the most advanced permanent colour if you’re feeling adventurous.

Get Festival Ready at Revive Hair & Beauty, Hale

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