Eye On Revive – Altrincham In November

77370017_1936843443Today Eye on Revive is looking to see what is happening in Revive in Rackhams.  Where is Revive?  Through the main doors, through the perfume and make-up counters and here we find Revive on the ground floor – very convenient.

Annabelle is in today getting her nails done for a party tonight.  She was in Altrincham shopping for a new dress and so being able to get your manicure done while shopping is a great bonus.  That bag must have her dress in.  “Can we have look, Annabelle?”  Wow, you’ll look amazing and that nail colour matches the dress perfectly.

Laura is another one with a party tonight and she is treating herself to false lashes.  What a fab look she will get.

I heard you can have a massage here but where is that?  Julia has just come along and said she has had a great massage and feels really relaxed now.  “Here in the shop, Julia?”.  Julia says “Yes, there is a private room for treatments here in Revive in Rackhams.”  That’s great isn’t it? The majority of the Revive treatments can take place here in Revive at Rackhams.

Oh, better get out of the way, another group of party girls are coming in for their makeup, lashes and nails.  Wow, it is going to be busy here in December when the party season kicks.  I’d ring up today and make your booking if I were you.