2015 Halloween Nail Ideas

19771897_1728029910Let’s all be honest, we’ve been thinking about our perfect Halloween costume since the end of summer. You might be prepared with the perfect outfit but complete the look with the nails to match. We have three fantastic ideas for you to try this Halloween.

Grunge Nails
It’s the perfect balance of chic and bleak. Layer different nail colours to create a textured look.  Make sure to pick contrasting colours to make the layers distinct. You can then gentle dab away areas with nail polish remover to make the look even more grungy.
Struggling to pick the colour palette for your Halloween grunge look then follow this formula.
Black + White + Glitter + Colour
Character Nails
We all secretly love having themed nails, they’re so cute! Have fun and play with pumpkins, eyes and spiderwebs. One fun idea is to have different parts of a skeleton drawn across your nails so when you put your fingers together it becomes complete.
Stiletto Nails
Get extensions and have your nails sculpt down to shaped points. This look has been rocked by celebrities such as Rihanna and Kyle Jenner. The points are perfect for a witch costume, but you dress them up with diamontes and matt polish.

Try these looks at home or come to Revive Salon to get them professional done. We’re also offering Halloween makeup for just £15.00! You can get yourself completely transformed from hair to makeup to nails with our professional beauty therapists. Make sure to have your character be the talk of the party! Call Hale 0161 980 8555 or Altrincham, House of Fraser 0161 929 8400